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It’s the little things

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault  On Monday, I saw a Facebook post that broke my heart. One of my best girl friends posted how they were a little disappointed on their birthday and while there were a million posts wishing her a … Continue reading

EAT Honolulu

REASON FOR GOING: I love coming here for my work lunch dates! This place is only open to the public on weekdays. Weekends I think they still cater, but the restaurant side is not open. EAT is a perfect name for this restaurant as I love to eat, and when I come here- I want … Continue reading

CRAVE: Pizza

It is day 10, and I have been doing a relatively good job of eating healthy and working out. For breakfast I usually have yogurt, fruits and granola. Lunch varies from a salad to soup and some chicken. I try to make dinner the lightest meal of the day since I normally eat around 6:30-7PM. Bedtime is 9PM-9:30PM. I … Continue reading


It started on Friday. It started off small… then snowballed into a big mess. Miscommunication. Ive had several incidents this weekend due to miscommunication in my personal and professional life. It happens to all of us and I know that no one means for this to happen-regardless it did. It is now spilling into my … Continue reading

Sakura Terrace Japanese Cafe

REASON FOR GOING: I came here with my girlfriend for a casual Girl’s Night Out. After reading a review from Non-Stop Honolulu- it was on my list to try! SERVICE: We came on a Thursday around 6PM and the restaurant was very empty. It seemed a bit overstaffed since we only saw about 3-4 other … Continue reading

Day 5- Resolution Update

So far, it is day 5 of 2012 and I think I have been pretty good about sticking to my resolutions. Going to the gym 5 times a week + running 2 times a week outdoors I must thank Kyle, Lynda and Russell for being my cheerleaders and always pushing me to do more! Bringing home … Continue reading

jenn lieu

jenn is originally from Dallas (go Cowboys!). when she's not perusing nonstophonolulu or yelp for the latest food reviews, you can find her body boarding, traveling and singing karaoke. jenn is one of Honolulu's leading tater tot connoisseurs and an expert on all foods involving the potato. holla!



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