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Going Above and Beyond

“Always render better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.”- Og MandinoΒ  Everyone has a daily routine, you get up, go to work, do the best you can do, and after work, you resume your personal life. There are times during work where one breaks that cycle and really … Continue reading

Support Small Businesses Saturday!

Happy Black Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving feast, now that it is all done, the best part- SHOPPING!!!! I am sure most of you all are out while reading this so I will make it short and sweet! Many of my friends and family haveΒ pursuedΒ the American dream by owning their own … Continue reading

have your cake and eat it too!

It was a weekend of food and fun, as I attended the Annual Cake Competition hosted by Honolulu Grub Club founder, Ryan Hew. In total there were 5 competitors and they all had one thing in common, the love for baking. Congrats to all the participants, supporters, judges, and of course Ryan for putting together … Continue reading

when life hands you lemons…

…go to Lemonade Alley! On Saturday I attended Lemonade Alley’s main competition event. Lemonade Alley is a competition for kids K-12 to gain “real life” entrepreneurship experience. The kids are given the opportunity to write and implement their business plan for a successful lemonade stand. I attended the event at 8AM sharp and everyone was … Continue reading

ipad vs mac book air

5 Facts: I love to type I am faster typing on a keyboard than with a touch screen I am always on the go and looking for a portable mobile device to take with me to work travel etc etc. I need word/ excel/ and e-mail I am buying an iphone today From this list … Continue reading

jenn lieu

jenn is originally from Dallas (go Cowboys!). when she's not perusing nonstophonolulu or yelp for the latest food reviews, you can find her body boarding, traveling and singing karaoke. jenn is one of Honolulu's leading tater tot connoisseurs and an expert on all foods involving the potato. holla!



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