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Aloha Ryan

Dear Ryan aka @rsuenaga, I cannot believe the news. Please say it is not so. When I was informed about what happened, I was in disbelief. For the 5 wonderful years I have known you, you have beenΒ  truly amazing person. You have not only touched my life, but the lives of many others. You … Continue reading

24 Hours

I believe that there are 24 usable hours in a day! For most, 8 hours of the day is dedicated to sleep and another 8 hours is given to our work/career. What do you do with your remaining 8 hours? I really feel that we need to make the most of our day, to spend … Continue reading

Writing With a Purpose

It is past my bed time. 10:45PM. I have to be at the gym at 5:30AM. I’m watching Eat, Pray, Love as I write. This entry may not be the most interesting as, I have no photos, no videos, just my thoughts. Thank you all for being so patient with me, I know it is … Continue reading

jenn lieu

jenn is originally from Dallas (go Cowboys!). when she's not perusing nonstophonolulu or yelp for the latest food reviews, you can find her body boarding, traveling and singing karaoke. jenn is one of Honolulu's leading tater tot connoisseurs and an expert on all foods involving the potato. holla!



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