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San Francisco: Day 5: Hipster Mexican Food

Hola! Mi nombre es Jennifer, y estoy visitando a uno de los mejoreslocales reasautants mexicana de San Francisco, El Farlito! Ellos son conocidos por sus sabrosos burritos, específicamente la carne asada! This place is as authentic as you can get! Maybe minus the hispters. They are everywhere and apparently love Mexican food!  For my Hawaii friends, please note that REAL Mexican food is nothing like Taco Bell or Taco Del Mar. The main difference is that there … Continue reading

San Francisco: Day 4: Cindy’s Narnia Secret

Today I went to Japan town three different times. Yes. You read right… THREE TIMES!  Why you may ask? The first time, we went to Fatlace, a clothing store that @MikeSakata loves. We then went into the city and ran some errands and some how ended up in Japantown- again. We drove around sight-seeing for … Continue reading

San Francisco: Day 3: Hipster Hunting

Today we went walking around China Town and Union Square. It was a cold rainy day but still filled with lots of people! Mission: Finding hipster fashion in tourist central. Now, the tricky part was differentiating between hipsters and fobs. The both seem to like chuck taylors, nerdy glasses, tight skinny jeans, and plaid. Can … Continue reading

San Francisco: Day 2: Enssaro

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more open minded, and to try new things. Tonight, I had a break through and accomplished both! I ate food with my hands AND I had no idea how the food was prepared. When Mike’s sister, Maria posed the idea of Ethiopian food for  dinner, I … Continue reading

San Francisco: Day 1

I AM SO  HUNGRY! I have been feeling hungry since 12PM this afternoon and only now, at 12:48AM I am  satisfied. All thanks to Maria! Thank you SOOO much for making the best shrimp tacos and  vegetable soup EVER! The home made guacamole was a nice touch and the shrimp was flavored to perfection! Prior, during the 5 … Continue reading

Toastmaters, Mermaids and More!

I know what you are thinking, what, no unicorns? No double rainbows? Well ,it has been a very busy week.  As I recap the past couple of days, there have been many positive events along with some events that I would hope to blow over soon. Some fun/positive things that have happened are the following: … Continue reading


Yesterday, another earthquake shook the east coast of Honshu Japan with a magnitude of 5.1! @GenePark provided the information via Facebook: (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc000243c.php) Want to know you can help? Here are a couple of ways you can help support locally: DONATE Text to Donate If you would like to donate to the American Red Cross for … Continue reading

Random Acts of Kindness

It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.  ~Author Unknown These past couple of days have been really busy for me. My weekend was full of great events such as a baby shower, getting together with friends and spending time with family. One of the most rewarding part of my weekend … Continue reading

Lena’s Mission: POSSIBLE!

This post is inspired by two people. Lena and Justin. The two have officially turned me to adopt a vegan diet. I cannot say that I will be vegan for life, but for now yes. This all started when I decided to clean my apartment last night. I for some reason clean the best when … Continue reading

Best Pick Up Line EVER!

BEST PICK UP LINE EVER: Kyle and I are chatting together. Drunk guy comes up to us, “Hey Kyle, do you know *Samantha that works at *Hawaiian Airlines? Kyle responds, “Oh no, sorry, I think *Hawaiian Airlines is pretty big, so I don’t think so” Drunk guy “Oh okay, wel lyou wouldn’t know her anyways … Continue reading

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