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yes to fun runs!

On Thursday, we had our 3rd fun run around Ala Moana Beach Park. I was inspired by the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man“. My favorite part of the movie was when Allison introduced me to running photography! :) Enjoy! Thank you  @LenaHanson @Melissa808 @chrisota @YakuzaBento @ChrisHall78 @rsuenaga @tze888 @tobitoyama @p_dub @charlieboy808 @PARTYALLMYOWN1 for coming and … Continue reading

jenn’s friday top 10

1. Spend time with family + @Mikeyws 2. Catch up with emails/ correspondence 3. Go Hiking 4. Run 10 Miles with the crew 5. Work out with Angie Lee- Best Trainer EVER 6. Volunteer with AINA In Schools 7. Finish Laundry 8. Watch Law and Order SVU- Seasons 4-5 9. Cook more kale from Ma’o … Continue reading

the break up…

Dear Mizunos, I’m sorry but it is time. We have been together for nine months but it is just not working out. This past weekend was the last straw. During my Sunday run, I had to stop at 6.5 miles. You caused me extreme pain. This is not the first time. I loved you as … Continue reading

jenn lieu

jenn is originally from Dallas (go Cowboys!). when she's not perusing nonstophonolulu or yelp for the latest food reviews, you can find her body boarding, traveling and singing karaoke. jenn is one of Honolulu's leading tater tot connoisseurs and an expert on all foods involving the potato. holla!



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