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90 day challenge

“I feel that the most important step in any major accomplishment is setting a specific goal. This enables you to keep your mind focused on your goal and off the many obstacles that will arise when you’re striving to do your best.”-Kurt Thomas After reading this, I have made a commitment and starting today, I … Continue reading

jenn’s friday top 10

The top ten things that I would like to do this weekend are… Spend time with @mikeyws Spend time with family Work out with Angie Lee Run 10 miles + pot luck with my running crew Working @weddingringshop Attending the Bridal Expo Laundry laundry laundry Go to the Bank Buy a couch Clean the house

my mane squeeze

I’m in love-in love with getting my haircut by hair stylist, Sheryl (@egg104). When I walk into Salon Blanc, it is like walking into Cheers where everyone knows my name (and my addiction to getting my hair cut). The heavenly aroma of shampoo and conditioner fill my senses. I change into my smock and take … Continue reading

7/12: fun run

Yesterday I went running at Ala Moana Beach Park. I met up (tweeted up) with @ChrisHall78 @chrisota @docrock @mikeyWS @mrm0nster @OahuAJ @rsuenaga @StevenRawson @tobitoyama @YakuzaBento @JJD74 @Melissa808 @Scotty808 @tze888 @yoon001 @lalalinzy @docrock and my fav @lenahanson! We ran for 3.2 miles and as we all started to run.. I started thinking… I am so thankful … Continue reading

jenn’s friday top ten

The top ten things that I would like to do this weekend are… 1.  Yoga 2.  Run 10 Miles 3.  Spend time with my family 4.  Spend time with myself 5.  Work on my blog 6.  Meditate 7.  Smile 8.  Laundry 9.  Be Happy 10.Be Healthy

Leopard Love

Happy Aloha Friday! It has been so long since I last wrote- then again it has been very busy at work! I have been planning for the 2010 Tacori Summer Collection event that is right around the corner! Tacori will be featuring some fabulous rings! Speaking of fabulosity, I am really excited to purchase the … Continue reading

jenn lieu

jenn is originally from Dallas (go Cowboys!). when she's not perusing nonstophonolulu or yelp for the latest food reviews, you can find her body boarding, traveling and singing karaoke. jenn is one of Honolulu's leading tater tot connoisseurs and an expert on all foods involving the potato. holla!



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